What is ZIB* Dreamers Club? A place for our best friends

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If you are one of the ZIB* newsletter receivers, you probably have heard about ZIB* Dreamers Club.


ZIB* Dreamers club - its our way of treating the most loyal ZIB* customers with special discounts and campaigns, limited edition gifts and some insider insights that we think you'll love!



We believe in great friendships, so this is a beginning of a lovely journey together.
And great friendships like these inspire great works, thus our first gift to ZIB* Dreamers Club members is a special treat - a compact blank page ZIB* notebook. ZIB* Dreamers Club members will be able to recieve it together with their first purchase in our webstore. Just don't forget to authorise your profile with the registered e-mail!



If you are new to ZIB* or haven't had the opportunity to join ZIB* Dreamers Club yet, here's how to apply:

  • Sign up to ZIB* Newsletter (don't wory, we send out just the good stuff)
  • Wait for the next time when we will announce open applications.



We know, no one likes to wait. So let's ease the wait - we have beatuiful ZIB* wallpapers for you FOR FREE!


Follow THIS LINK to find our first collection of ZIB* wallpapers for your phone and computer screen.



Your  ZIB* team


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