Light, comfortable bag with original design made by ZIB* artist Inga Lismane. The bag has a zip through fastening, adjustable strap fastening and a plastic belt buckle. The lining of bag is made of syntethic material. 

  • Size: Width 30cm; Depth 13cm;
  • Maximum size of strap 111cm;
  • One size only
Summer collection "Wild heart" is for the bold and bountiful hearts, open to new adventures. It's for the globe trotters dreaming of new discoveries. It's for those dreaming of catching the ocean waves, climbing the highest peaks, bathing in southern sun and savouring the world and every colour in it.  Immerse in nature and cherish it's beauty and might. Truly wild heart cannot be caught or tamed, just join the adventure and let it roam free.

Deer - bum bag


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  • Brand: ZIB
  • Product Code: 1120112
  • Availability: In 3 - 7 work days
  • 34.87 USD
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