New collection COMING SOON

20/09/2017 1 Comment(s)

The longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss? Well, we like sweet, but not sure we can wait much longer because after all the love, work and passion put into the new collection, looks like it's going to be simply amazib, sorry, amazing! 


The new 'Illusion' collection will have it all. From bright and brave to dark and mysterious, from playful and light to sensual and sophisticated. And, of course - feminine and comfortable as always. The selection of outfits will be wide and diverse, and we have a feeling you'll find your new must-have look very, very soon. Shhh, we can't reveal everything just yet but some of the key words are: geometry, bows, velvet, stripes, jewels, ruffles... and yes, you've guessed right - we have a few very special matching mother-daughter outfits too.



Stay tuned and wath this space because ZIB* 'Illusion' is on its way!




1 Comment(s)

25/09/2017, 10:04:07 AM

nevaru sagaidīt :)

ZIB* komanda:
26/09/2017, 02:59:27 PM

Jau rīt, trešdien :)

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