ZIB* Illusion out now!

26/09/2017 0 Comment(s)



We've been waiting for it, wishing for it and working for it. The wait is now over and the new 'Illusion' collection has been revealed! 


It takes us into the labyrinths of geometrical shapes and lines, that change each time we look at them. It makes us see things different than they are in reality. Surreal sceneries, flowing skies and dreamy images make us question our vision and have a closer look again again, grasping reality and finding a new one every time.


We hope you will love 'Illusion' as much as we do. Pick your favourite here and enjoy!


Photos: Aiga Redmane

Make-up: Lynski

Hair: Astrida Kozlovska

Models: Vinita Vilcane, Klaudija Elizabete Gauja, little Sofija and little Lote


See the full collection here!

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