Finish Is Not A Line

Finish Is Not A Line

Reach the top with the NEW ZIB* SPORT COLLECTION “Line is not a finish”. Designs in this collection portray the magic of tropical forests, dew droplets on palm leaves, and agile hummingbirds (did you know that hummingbirds can flap their wings exceeding 200 times per second?) It also shows wild arctic nature scenes, saturated colours to motivate and recharge for new adventures!

Photo: Toms Norde - Photographer
Models: Lizete Pitena, Nika Linde, Edgars Tomkus
Make-up: Julia Gutmane
Make-up Artist (
Hair: Astrīda Kozlovska

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(S) Dynamic - Training Jacket

Jumpstart and Race beyond the highest ice peaks . Be flashed by the glare of sunlight reflecting on the mountain slopes and triumph. And make it happe..

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