Collection 'Illusion' takes us into the labyrinths of geometrical shapes and lines, that change each time we look at them. It makes us see things different than they are in reality. Surreal sceneries, flowing skies and dreamy images makes us question our vision and have a closer look again again, grasping for reality.

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Wind Roses - children's sweatshirt dress

Warm jersey sweatshirt dress with bright design made by ZIB* artist Baiba Saurina.Product details:round neckline;long sleeves;back side longer than fr..

40.68 USD Ex Tax: 33.62 USD

Silver Leopard - children's skirt

Gathered skirt - made of medium weight polyester fabric with digitally printed designs by ZIB* designer Liva Linina. Skirt specification: hi..

43.01 USD Ex Tax: 35.54 USD

Powder-sugar - children's tulle leggings

See through tulle leggings with elastic waistband. Material: 80% polyamide; 20% elastane.  ..

22.08 USD Ex Tax: 18.25 USD