-30% (7-8, 9-10 years) Forest swan - children's skirt

Short skirt with original ZIB* design made by artist Inga Lismane for collection "Traveling birds".

Fully dye-sublimation technique printed kids skirt with elastic waistband.

Material: made of medium weight polyester fabric, soft 100% polyester fabric.

Length: 1-2 years 27cm; 3-4 years 30cm; 5-6 years 35cm; 7-8 years 40cm; 9-10 years 43cm; 11-12 years 43cm.

The collection Traveling Birds tells you about the courage to get up high in the sky and follow your dreams, even if the road is far and you travel alone. Rise high above the gray rain clouds, over trees, run away from the ordinary, to see the world from the new perspective! To experience, to learn, to make mistakes and move closer to your goal. And after a flight, whatever it may be, always come back home, build strength, and fly again. Spread your wings and fly!

(7-8, 9-10 years) Forest swan - children's skirt

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