ZIB Team

Inga Lismane

// Managing director and founder

Inga is the managing director and founder of ZIB* brand. She takes care of ZIB team and makes sure all things and projects go ahead. Inga likes to visualize her bright and creative ideas in photo shoots.

Inga Kalnina

// Pop-up sales manager

Inga is very communicative and excellent in organizing events. That's why you will definitely meet her in ZIB* fairs and pop-up stores, with bright smile on her face. She really loves bright colours in her outfit and make-up.

Liva Ikkerte

// Artist and a dressmaker

Līva is responsible for all the sewing, embroidering, embellishing and other fine jobs. She is the best one to carry through ideas into real projects. She knows how to beautifully arrange things in the right order.  Līva loves to draw forest animals and birds for ZIB* prints.

Baiba Saurina

// Artist and a dressmaker

           Baiba's main responsibility is to make sure everything is nicely and neatly sewed. She is very good at creating fine, time consuming and beautiful artworks and she makes the most magnificent accessories. Baiba loves to draw plants and insects that lives in our ZIB* prints. 

Annija Kakarane

// Designer and dressmaker

Annija is not only a skilful master of sewing machine, she is also able to accomplish technically difficult and complicated tasks. She is responsible and diligent, she thinks of new solutions and improvements. There is a sleeping artist in Annija which will surprise us soon.

Rita Paberza

// Artist


Rita is manager of screen printing workshop, she takes care of the most colorful and original ZIB* leggings. Rita knows how to combine colors and screens in surprising combinations. She is always ready to work and face new challenges!

Irena Andrejeva

// Artist and a photographer

From the first days of ZIB*, Irēna is working with us. Her ink drawings and watercolour paintings are in almost every ZIB* garment. She loves everything that is unusual and novel and she always shares it not only with ZIB* team but also with her students.