ZIB* Gift card is a great choice for a special someone.

ZIB* Gift card is available in digital or paper form.

Digital gift card: will be send to your chosen e-mail immediately after payment. You can choose weather to indicate your email or receivers email. If you choose yours, simply print it out and decorate it as you wish, if receivers we will send it to receiver’s email address. 

Paper gift card: You can choose to receive paper gift card weather in our workshop in Riga, or with any of delivery services (Post, Omniva). We will issue the gift card and send it out within one business day.

Gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, after the expiry gift card is no longer valid.

Terms of use:

1. ZIB* gift card's value and expiry date are shown on the gift card.

2. Gift card is automatically closed after card is used up or it has expired.

3. Minimums purchase sum is not set.

4. Card can be used together with other payment means - your credit,debit card or cas if you are shopping inour workshop in Kr. Valdemara street 4-13.

5. If lost a gift card cannot be blocked or renewed and the remaining balance is not refunded.

ZIB* Gift Card


Most of our items are made to order and only few of them are in stock for shipping next day. Please be aware of availability notice below and allow 3-7 working days to be made for made to order items.

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