All creative process starts with ideas that we put on paper therefore working on sketches is a significant first step. Ideas for prints start with pencil or black fine point pen drawings on a white sheet of paper that are later embellished with colourful pencil drawings or watercolour paintings. Once the sketch is ready it is further digitally edited to bring out brighter colours and adjust to the right size for the clothing. ZIB* team is lucky to have such talented and harmonious members that complement each other. Therefore most of ZIB* prints are a combination of work by several team members. The complete composition is a mosaic made up of layers of different sketches. Our drawings are distinguishable by the fine lines, hidden characters and symbols as well as bright and lively colours. This is what makes up the unique signature of ZIB*.


Screen printing is essential part of ZIB* daily routine. We learned this technique while studying in Art Academy of Latvia. At the very ZIB* beginnings the first jersey leggings were made in screen print technique and that is the reason why this techniques is so dear to us. Some of the screens have been renewed several times and many new designs have been created. Screen printing allows endless ways of using the screen – stencils can be printed in many different compositions and each print is unique hand made design.


Digital printing is a printing technique to transfer images on fabric. First, the picture is colour printed on paper and afterwards the image is transferred on the fabric using high temperature heat press. Digital print allows to make full color prints with small details and nuanced colour blends. The high temperature of the heat press allows the colour to be absorbed by the textile fibers and makes the color long lasting – it will not fade or wash out. It makes it possible to print on different texture and thickness polyester fabrics and other suitable for digital printing. The dazzling drawings and colour schemes on ZIB* dresses, tops and sweatshirts are all printed this way.


Our Workshop is located at Valdemāra street 4-13 and here we feel comfortable and inspired to make new collections and interesting projects. Colours are the essence not only of the clothes we make, but also in the interior of the Workshop. They inspire and make our days bright. This summer we are spoiled with plenty of sun through the Workshop windows that makes the space bright and cozy. That’s why once in a while we capture on camera the everyday moments of the Workshop as well as the small and cute details that make up the overall atmosphere.